About Us

Even though there has been much discussion regarding the quote accuracy, it has been proved that reading is not the most effective way to absorb a concept and that active learners tend to retain and understand information best by “doing something active” with it. Playing games is a great way to memorize information since people learn material and practice it over and over again. When we play we are actively involved, interact, see, hear and simulate a real experience. That being said, we could harness gamer power to solve real-world problems. Healthxgames’s main idea is to raise awareness and create an impact in everyday habits by the use of games.

Two of the largest problems facing people in developing countries are the lack of understanding of life threatening health problems and health risks. Evidence shows that people’s understanding increases dramatically when they are shown information in a gaming environment rather than just reading a pamphlet or listening to a doctor.

Having said that, Healthxgames offers a great number of innovations in gaming and application-based technology to create a profound impact on the public health arena.

Main features of the platform

During the last decade, there has been a rapid advancement in new technologies especially social media. The creation of this learning platform is based on the idea of hosting a number of games and apps to engage users in never before tried ways to reduce morbidity and mortality around the world.

Healthxgames portal will develop and comprise different type of new gaming apps to approach different target audiences and health problems. It is mainly intended for Ministries of Health and Education, health civil society groups, international non-government organizations (i.e. UNICEF, WHO) and other relevant stakeholders interested in building up alliances with Healthxgame as a way of promoting the use of these games and making them available to developing countries.