List of games and applications

This list includes games and apps about Malaria, general risks, preventive medicine, HIV causes and symptoms, procedures, child disease symptoms, lifestyle practices and habits. The apps are addressed to mothers, children and generic users. Healthxgames platform will encompass the following games and apps:

Net Reward

The game consists of an informative game quiz Malaria net recipients should pass in order to receive a free bed net. The goal of this app is to improve future compliance and ensure value for money for government financing.

Lives at Risk

In this game, players assume the role of a child encountering and avoiding health risks in four different stages of life: 0-2 months, 3 months to 5 years, 6-12 years and then a teenager. When risks are not avoided, a popup screen will provide educational tips as to why this is a risk and how it can be avoided. The player wins the game when they correctly avoid the health risks for all four scenarios. The aim of this game is to raise awareness in preventive medicine and general health risks.

Defeating HIV

This game focuses on training user on symptoms and causes of HIV. Its main function is to provide a creative and attractive experience that aims to explain the causes of HIV through puzzles to gain the “keys” to good health. It may also include audio and videos to make the game more interactive and user-friendly.

Perfecting The Procedures

The user plays the role of a doctor and performs a procedure. The game will give tips and how-to’s. During the process, the player will learn how the procedure (eg. surgery) is done, as well as the necessary preparation and patient follow up.

Spot the Disease

This game is addressed to mothers with the aim of training them in child disease symptoms. The user plays the role of a doctor and has to see a child patient with an unknown problem. The process flow includes multiple choice questions, hints and explanation of symptoms and diagnostics. By making a link between symptoms and disease, the mothers will be more informed and more likely to spot them in their children. As an incentive the mothers can get some kind of bonus for completing the game of putting the correct diagnosis.

Painting HIV

This game focuses on a young user and aims to provide information about a serious infection such as HIV in a friendly way. Children will have to paint a number of images that illustrate the main causes, symptoms and do´s and don´ts.

Caring teddy bear

The child will be able to take care of and cure a teddy bear. Since it represents an ordinary child situation the user will be attracted and able to learn all the basics and general information regarding health care. The aim is to prepare and train them at an early stage.

My future baby

In this game, pregnant mothers learn how to take care of their baby by playing the role of a mother. It consists of a digital baby that goes through several distinct stages of development throughout its life cycle. The mother will receive hints and recommendations whenever the baby/child is at risk or a danger sign is present.

Picture quizz

The user will be challenged to complete a quiz in which different images representing good and wrong habits regarding diet, exercising, diseases and infections and prevention actions, among other topics, will appear and the user will have to identify the correct ones. Once the quiz is completed, the user will get a mark and a few hints according to it.

Remote Access

To reduce patient anxiety and ensure clear communication with doctors, this app will give the patient the possibility to complete a checklist/questionnaire or send messages about symptoms before the day of the appointment. The doctor will be prepared in advance of the session and will be able to provide more targeted care from the outset. There will be a time saver and may prevent patients from making a trip if they aren’t ill.

Health Checklist

Using the situational framing from the attached, an app could be developed where users could select from a number of symptoms and then be provided appropriate kinds of treatment. Targeted user could be both care givers and health workers. This app can be linked to Medigram.

Lab Tracker

App that keeps track of lab results for motivation – charts of cholesterol levels, sugar, etc. It will give motivation and help ensure drug compliance. This app may also integrate a reminder schedule for medication intake.

Care Follow Up

After being diagnosed, patient gets info regarding their condition. It may include FAQ section as guidance and the possibility to pose a question being answered by a competent health worker. This will lead to time saving on the medical side.