What if we – you, me, your friends, my friends – could
create a game that would save a child’s life…that would
save many children’s lives? Wouldn’t you do it?
We are here to offer you that chance…

A leading health consultancy aiming to bring innovations in gaming and application-based technology to improve health behaviors. Healthxgames was inspired by the idea that playing games can raise awareness and improve lifestyle habits with the aim of increasing knowledge of health problems, reducing public health habits, and disease and mortality, particularly in low income countries.

There is a popular quote that says that we learn 10 percent of what we read (reading books, brochures), 20 percent of what we hear (hearing words), 30 percent of what we see (looking at pictures), 50 percent of what we see and hear(watching a movie, an exhibit or a demonstration), 70 percent of what we discuss with others (participating in a discussion, giving a talk), and 90 percent of what we say and do (simulating a real experience, doing a dramatic presentation).

HealthXGames is an initiative of Crowd Venture, an investment holding company enhancing and strengthening the health care systems’ responsiveness to patients’ needs by harnessing the power of the crowd.

Our company is rooted in a desire to incorporate technological innovations and resources to empower patients’ experience. With growing needs arising from this field, Crowd Venture has developed a strategic investment plan to achieve the goal of improving health care systems’ performance and created a comprehensive portfolio which encompasses a wide range of health-related initiatives.

Crowd Venture is backed by the experience and technical team of Sanigest Internacional, a leading consulting and management company focused on the social sector. It provides an extensive array of products and services to payors, providers, regulatory authorities and development finance institutions and NGOs, with a special focus on government ministries of health and social security institutions in emerging markets.

For further information, visit Sanigest at http://www.sanigest.com